My handycrafts are unique pieces, I can try to copy each model but there will be none equel to another.

This is obvius, I do everything by hands and under the moment creativity level….

I am using several materials, glass pearls, crystals, synthetic resin, semi-precious stones (quite expensives).

I use then several types of chains (copper, steel, silver, brass, iron), rubber, cord, help, cotton… all what I can find.

And indian type of silver elements, there are a lot and I like to try them all.

I am also planning to create my own pearls using synthetic polymeric paste, but still to try…

You can be sure that there will not be any jewel equal to another, all are UNIQUES.

Obviously my friends and colleagues ask always new models and wants me to copy the most expensive and branded jewels, and I do my best to make them closest to the original.  😛



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